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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Too Scared To Try

What am i trying to tell is..
I am Scared.

I am Scared of what people might think or react when i'm totally change my mien.
I'm just too bored with this appeareance..
I just think i need something new. I need to try to be someone different from ussual.
But i'm too scared to see people laughing at me just because i do make up before going anywhere or i wear wedges everyday.

I ever wore a necklace when i was hanging out with my friends. They was laughing at me and asking why did i wear that.
What if i wear a wedges when i'm with them. Maybe they would rolling on the floor laughing at me.
And why everybody always ask 'why' if i looked feminin? Even it's just a little feminin.

ahh maybe i should stop typing right now.
It all just anger here..
Bye :)


  1. just try to be yourself. try to build your own trend, your own style! it's no problem they laugh at you, if they love you... they will accept you however u r.

    btw, thanks for visiting my blog dear =)

    visit! follow!

    1. thanks btw, Surya Laili :D :*

      i've followed your blog :)
      Don't mind if you follow me back :D