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Thursday, 26 June 2014


Gathering AMSA-UMI 2013/2014
Besides every busyness of campus and academic, I have another busy job that is really important for me too. A coordinator of Publication and Promotion (PnP) in AMSA-UMI period 2013/2014. All I have to do is controlling every publication for AMSA-UMI and also to promote it creatively.
Lucky me that I have so many amazing-creative-active people beside me to help me fix every problem I have during these tenure. So many hectic day with deadlines, narations, designs, photos, and bla bla bla we'd been through with smile, laugh, or even tears just to make a good one so people will love our works.
Thank you very much to all the best workers who wants to stand beside me everyday until yesterday; Rezki Fahnisa, Anniza Rukmanasari, A. Sitti Rahmatullah, Fardeana Tri Chandra, Hutami Citrasari H, Nur intan Yusuf, Irwan Munandar, Destria K, M. Defrial, Zoelkarnain, and everyone that I can't mention one by one the name here :*
I don't know if they have ever grudge to me because I ever talk with a loud voice or text them with CAPSLOCK or something like that haha But you guys know that I never mean to do that :*

And I also want to say thank you very much to our stubborn-girl-representative that always remind us to finish our jobdesc haha. Sometimes she's really annoying with all her reminding text even in midnight but that will never diminish my proud that I have worked with a really amazing woman like her #Tsaahhh :">
It all had been payed by every help from you also, and Sorry for all my midnight-disturbance because I want to ask you to do something for me, make a review for me, or ask you to choose which works is better to be published haha

Initially I was thinking I can't finish all my jobdesc because of the busyness-academic-things that took all my time, but then I convince myself that with sincerity we certainly could finish it. And voilaaaa, all my jobdesc completed at the end of my tenure yeyeye lalala
I also want to announce my last jobdesc that also conclude my to do list in 2013/2014 for AMSA-UMI, the Official Booklet of AMSA-UMI 2013/2014. You can read it online here :D
The Official Booklet of AMSA-UMI 2013/2014

Yesterday night I was officially pension from my job as a coordinator of pnp. I was so happy, sad, proud, it all mixed into one unexplain feeling. I also got an award as "Albert Einstein". I have no idea why they gave me that award. Did it because I am half-bald, smart (haha it can't be), or half-crazy? I don't know haha
All I know that I'm so proud for that award, thank you very much :"

Not because I was officially pension so that I will stop care about AMSA in a future. I will always be there, inshaAllah :')
I can't never forget all the experience, memory, lessons that I can't get during lectures in the school. Never :)
Thank you AMSA, thank you best teamworks, thank you self :"
Biasanya tukang foto, sekarang difoto haha

So, now I'm officially jobless also, guys :'(

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