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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Launching a new website!

Alhamdulillah finally we've just entering a new year, means we will create a new experience, a new colour, a new laugh for our life. Every bad things we have in 2013 has to be erased and fixed in this new year.
New year does not only about having a rousing celebration with fireworks, trumpet, barbeque and many more. But it's about what would you do in the next year. Would you be as bad as before, or you're going to be a better person for yourself and other.

A friend ever told me quote "The day's resolution, not the year's". I think that's a really good quote to show everyone that you don't have to celebrate new year eve with a glamorous thing, or saying every resolution you're going to do until next year. You don't have to wait until new year to prepare a new resolution for yourself, but you can make it everyday, everytime, everywhere.

Btw, i'm typing this post while hearing a firework explode around the house. I feel like i'm in a middle of a war, a big one. The more I tried to ignore it the more it sounds louder, subhanallah -_-"
My neighbour can't stop screaming because they're throwing some fireworks to each other, ugh kinda annoying!
I don't really like a new year celebration, i dont know why. I just feel like it's not useful and just wasting time and money :|
You can just hear an exploding firework for a minute then, it's done!
One thing I really like in a new year celebration is togetherness. Having barbeque, talk to each other, laugh to each other, and many more. This is a big happiness in life, i guess haha

And yeah, talk about happiness. I'm extremely happy because AMSA UMI has just launching their new official website page wohooo!
After some tiring months for making this website helped by a friend from IT UNHAS finally it's done and can be accessed by everyone, everywhere, everytime yeah..
Thank you very much to everyone that has a contribution for this website. I'm so happy to have you all guys *Smooch*
Hereby, I give you the link so you could also access AMSA UMI's website with your PC or device.

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