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Friday, 8 November 2013


Hello everyone! How's your day? (basa basi haha).
Yesterday i was joining some event called Gathering Nasional of SIGi Makassar (Sahabat Indonesia Berbagi Makassar). In those event i was performing as a traditional dancer wohooo! I love being a part of this event. I can meet a lot of new friend from all over Indonesia, and saw a performance of Fiersa Bersani, one of Selebtweet in Indonesia. His voice and song really beautiful, i love it!
This event also to celebrate 1st year of SIGi Makassar, so in the end of the event there was pemotongan tumpeng and surprise from SIGi Makassar's members.
What was the surprise? We played cups in a middle of guests haha.
If you don't know about cups, you can watch the video in youtube. Anna Kendrick played it while singing her song "When I'm Gone". Here's the link video.
After you watch Anna Kendrick's video go watch mine haha
This is a rehearsal video. 

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