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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Riska's Wedding Party..

Hello guys, now i am so happy. Sincerely i am extremely happy.
Because one of my classmate at high school have been married yesterday.
She looked very beautiful with her wedding dress. Ethnic but modern and so fashionable.

After i got her wedding invitations, i was suddenly think that i also wanted to married soon.
i don't really think about finding a boyfriend like my friend always do, but now i think about where can i get a boy that can be my husband in future, a boy that can lead me to a good things, and a boy that always understand what i need.

In Riska's wedding party, i met so many friends from my highschool. Maybe we could call it 'reunion'.
After that simple reunion, me and all my classmate *not all of them actually, minus 10 persons of my classmate* went to a elegant (photo studio) to capturing that special day.

Here's some pictures that i can put here :D

Taking picture while waiting at the photo studio
*The wall's really good to be our background' photos*

Have a story about your friend's wedding party ? Or maybe yours ?
Tell me that on comment below :)

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