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Friday, 11 April 2014

Knock! Knock! Knock!

... "Dita, ada kirimanmu", Momma's voice was waking me up this morning.
I got a packet? hmm.. I think i never bought any onlineshop recently. How could i got a packet? Who sends me that? or maybe i've bought one but i forgot. Hmm..
"Kiriman apa bu?",
A letter? Who sends me a letter? I think it's time for me to wake up and see the packet, emm i mean the letter.

It tooks me a while to figure out why @nitchii sent me a letter. Did I ever join her giveaway things or something like that. But, I never join a competition recently. 
What makes me shocked is Nitchii and I was not a friend in real life, I mean, I followed her instagram account because I really love her artworks. She's really good at drawing, painting, she's genius. She doesn't even know me, how could she send me a letter and know my address. hmm..

Then, I opened the letter and remember that I ever signed up on Nitchii's postable months ago. You know, it's an easy snail mail online. I've put my address in Nitchii's. That's why she could send the letter to my home. 
But, why did she send it to me? it's because i was birthday on March and she randomly picking 3 birthday man in a month. Alhamdulillah I was choosen to be one of those hahaha
I'm so happy! Even if it's a month after my birthday, I'm still surprise. 
Thank you Nitchii! You succesfully surprising me. I don't know how to thank you, so i just made a simple video for you :D
I was making it after I got your letter. Xoxo

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  1. IH MAUKU JUGAK! Mauka ikut dulu itu tapi lupaka post addressku haahhahahaha